Study Abroad Free for a Master Degree in European Universities

Study Abroad European Universities

Are you wondering to study master abroad in European universities? Get free master education while study abroad is one prestige thing for you. Why find free tuition in European universities? Tuition fees become other issues that count for international students.

Completely free country

This section will list the European countries that charge no fees tuition or administrative to European nationality. Out from these, there are Norway and the Czech Republic that becomes the only place to offer free tuition cost to people from the rest of the world.

  •    Norway. Norway offers free charge for everyone. Include EU/EEA students and the rest of the world. There are none admin fees and there are some of the world-class universities in Norway that excellent as a destination for postgraduate level.
  •    Denmark. Denmark’s high education for the master is free for students to come from the EU, EEA and Switzerland. People from the rest of the world will have to pay tuition cost. For students that willing to study in Denmark, it is important for eligible in Danish.
  •    Finland. The master degree is free for EU, EEA and Switzerland students.


There is another option of European countries that not charge the tuition fee but there is the small relatively cost of administration fees for international students.

  •    Austria. Austria offers free tuition cost for EU, EEA and Switzerland students. The admin fees start from 19.20 EUR per semester. Students from the rest of the world need to pay tuition fees but there is still very low cost at 726.89 per semester. Whatever the nationality, you will need to pay 19.20 EUR per semester which included student’s health insurance.
  •    Germany. The 15 from 16 public universities German high education is free for everyone, except the universities in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. University in Baden Wuerttemberg charge students from outside of EU with 1.500 EUR per semester. The administration fee also needs to pay per semester that varies from one university to others. The average administration fee starts from 50 EUR to 250 EUR. The fee covers registration and student union membership.
  •    Iceland. It is tuition fee free for everyone no matter what their nationality. However, students need to pay an admin fee for annual term start 596 EUR.

Pretty cheap universities

These are countries that charge tuition fee but also worth if you are looking cheap place to study abroad in European.

  •    France. France cost 256 EUR/year for tuition fee. The annual admin fee is 215 EUR/ year which include social security payment.
  •    Belgium. The typical tuition cost in Belgium is 900 EUR per year.

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