Applying a student visa to Netherland

Student College

Before applying for the education program in Netherland, then the international students should always contact the educational institution first. They will decide exactly what registration requirements that you need to apply in your student program. Similar to other countries, to be qualified in this stage then you will need the equivalent qualification. Sometimes, educational institutions will determine their own additional requirements, especially if the number of places was limited or if the competition is very tight. So, you have to get a bachelor degree or equivalent qualifications before you can take the master’s degree program. Understanding requirements before study in Netherland for Indonesian.

Entry Visa

To enter Netherland for study purposes, then prospective students from most countries will need a vise. The requirements so vary according to your nationality and how long you want to stay in Netherland. You should always submit your entry visa application in advance. Once established it,  then you might also need a permanent residence permit and additional work permit as well. To stay for three months or less, you only need to get a short visit visa which known as Schengen Visa. If you intend to stay in Netherland for longer than 90 days, then you have to apply for the temporary residence permit. The Citizens of EU / EEA and Switzerland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Vatican City, Monaco or South Korea are exempt from that regulation.

English Language Requirements

If you intend to study in Netherland, then you have to be fluent in Dutch or have a sufficient understanding of English. You are expected to be able to write, read and communicate at an academic level. if English is not your first language, then you have to pass the English language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Although Netherland is a relatively small city – however, it has a rich and tolerant tradition of various cultures and religions as well. over the years, Netherland has received residents whose origins come from other countries, you will find that citizens here are so open to foreign visitors. With the abundance of natural beauty and dynamic cosmopolitan cities, Netherland has many interesting things for international students. Netherland is a pretty safe country with a low crime rate. You will meet local residents who can speak English very well. however, learning a bit of Dutch before you arrive can be so useful since making you easier get along with residents here. Prepare your visa before study in Netherland for Indonesian

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